It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Penny Parks.

She passed away peacefully at home on the 11th July 2020 after a long and valiant fight with cancer. She will be greatly missed not just by her friends and family, but also the many people that she touched the hearts and lives of around the world through both her therapy and her music.

Penny Parks Training

Providing rapid and painless resolution of trauma & childhood abuse to the many victims worldwide through Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT).

Although originally devised in the late 1970s this therapy model has continually evolved to remain at the cutting edge of the resolution of trauma, childhood abuse & emotional challenges. It is probably the most effective model available with the most significant feature being that it can bring about change gently as there is no need to disclose any details of traumatic events. The rapidity of its effectiveness has been enhanced by the introduction, in 1996, of the PICT Quick Change model, devised originally to cater for clients from overseas; where resolution may be completed in a series of 5 consecutive days of 4 hour sessions. (The QC 4 hour sessions can also be offered in weekly, 2 or 3 day formats).

Penny Parks Training also provides a valuable resource to clients, practitioners and health professionals, as well as anyone interested in the topic of childhood abuse and its related subjects. Penny Parks herself has been consulted as an expert in the field by health professionals, the media and in legal cases.

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